Carbofuran Possession Bill to be Introduced to Maryland General Assembly

A bill to make the possession of carbofuran illegal will be introduced to the Maryland General Assembly in the upcoming legislative session. The federally banned pesticide has been used to kill wildlife on Maryland’s Eastern Shore for decades – before and after the ban.

30 or more bald eagles have been killed by carobofuran on Maryland’s Eastern Shore since 2009 (when the EPA fully banned carborfuran).

While it is illegal to buy, sell or use carbofuran, it’s not illegal to possess it in Maryland. Part of my interview (from June) with retired U.S. Fish and Wildlife Special Agent Frank Kuncir can be seen below (it explains the loophole) – 

 I’ll have more information on the carbofuran loophole bill next week on WNAV. Stay tuned.

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Cover photos by Troy Whaley (five dead bald eagles, one dead fox from Easton 2017 case)

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