Go Navy! Beat Army! The Story of a Man, His House and an Upcoming Football Game.

It’s dark – you can’t tell what’s about to happen.  Then the music starts.  And the lights.  Thousands of lights, all in sync with the pulsating music.  The theme quickly becomes apparent.

Go Navy! Beat Army!  All in twinkling, blue and gold lights of course. Because Navy.

Emmett Pugh has decorated his Chesapeake, Virginia house with a holiday light display like none other – “Go Navy, Beat Army, Beat Army, Beat Army” – it flashes across the house over and over again. “Go Navy.  I believe that we will win.” That’s what it says on the house.

Emmett is a Naval Academy alum.  You might have been able to guess that though.  He says his neighbors love this light display, which given the location makes perfect sense – smack dab in the midst of Hampton Roads, home to multiple Naval facilities, including one in Yorktown – where this journalist was stationed once upon a time.  Thanks, Emmett.  Go Navy!   Bias in journalism?  Maybe just a little this one time.

Listen to my interview with Emmett, which aired on WNAV.

And tune into the Army-Navy Game this Saturday on WNAV (1430 AM or in Annapolis, at 99.9 FM or streaming on www.wnav.com).  WNAV’s coverage begins at 1 pm.

This story published in conjunction with WNAV – your hometown station.

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