Kunta Kinte Remembered Today at City Dock

On today’s date in 1767, Kunta Kinte arrived in Annapolis aboard the ship, Lord Ligonier.

Today at City Dock in Annapolis, a small ceremony was held by the Kunte Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation commemorating the 247th anniversary of the event and the man who would become the focus of the book, Roots, by Alex Haley.  Board chairman Lisa Lane-Treadwell spoke, as did Chris Haley – the nephew of Alex Haley.

A group of 5th graders from Annapolis Elementary attended the ceremony – at one point, Mr. Haley asked the students who knew of Kunta Kinte.  Those who did, raised their hands (see the photos).   As the ceremony came to an end, the children threw rose petals into Ego Alley in remembrance.

For more information on the history of slavery in Maryland, visit the Legacy of Slavery in Maryland website by the Maryland State Archives – http://slavery.msa.maryland.gov/

To see the photos of today’s ceremony in Annapolis, visit http://annapoliscreative.smugmug.com/Kunte-Kinte-Alex-Haley-Foundat/




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