Mornings in Annapolis – Kits Will Be Kits


On the South River With a Couple of Foxes

I looked across the cove on the South River and thought I saw a little dog.  It began heading down some steps leading into the river, which seemed odd for a little dog to be out by itself, early in the morning, and about to take a swim.  I quickly retrieved my camera in order to get a better view.

And here’s what I saw.  Yes, maybe it’s time to start wearing glasses for distance 😉





Oh, wait – there’s two!!!


Is this about to turn X-Rated?






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  1. Looks like our resident fox. Ours is very bold lately…in fact he got into my garbage right by my house sunday. Never had raccoons so it has to be him. Edgy the fox. A few weeks back he almost walks right up on the back deck whilst we were having a little outdoor happy hour. Glad I have not seen any smash on the road yet.

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