Mornings in Annapolis – Truxtun Park and a Man That Loves His Dog

Quite often, I’m just not in any particular rush to get anywhere.  This works out particular well when the morning is as beautiful as it WAS this morning.  Yes, now it’s beginning to look like rain.

I ended up at the gem that is Truxtun Park in Annapolis.  First, I headed to the boat ramp, which offers stellar views down Spa Creek to Maryland’s capitol dome.  Fall, winter, spring or summer – it always offers something new and different to see.  Particularly during the weekdays, it’s peaceful and yes, picturesque.

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I then headed over to the parking lot by the swimming pool, so I could take a short stroll to the wooden pedestrian bridge, spanning the headwaters of Spa Creek.

As I got out of my car, I noticed a man with a dog – a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, on Collison Field.  As I got closer, I saw what appeared to be an elevated, camouflage-colored something, with the dog now in it.  The man walked out on the field, while the dog remained in his ‘fort,’ steadfastly focused on what his owner was doing.  The man then dropped a training toy halfway across the field, returned to the dog, gave a command and off the dog went to do what Chesapeake Bay Retrievers do – retrieve.  This was repeated several times.  A group of city park employees had also taken notice and were watching, while tending the grounds at the same time.   It looked like the man was training the dog for hunting – I wanted to know more.

I asked if it was okay to take some photos and introduced myself to Kevin.  His dog, Tarman, tail wagging, gave me the type of glance, which those familiar with dogs know really means – should I jump up on her and give her lots of kisses or not.  Kevin intervened before it got to that point, not that I would have minded – I’m a card-carrying dog person.  Tarman, it turns out, is epileptic.

If you’ve had an epileptic dog, as I have, it’s hard – you spend a lot of time worrying about when the next seizure will happen and if it will be fatal.  Yes, like my dog was, Tarman is on medication for it, but unlike my dog, the medication hasn’t been 100 percent effective – he still gets seizures.  And the medication, explained Kevin, has made Tarman a little anxious – this among other side effects.  Kevin said he doesn’t take him hunting much now – he’s worried about Tarman out in the water or somewhere where he can’t be gotten to quickly.  In order to give him the exercise and challenges that Tarman needs as a retriever, Kevin works with him in a closely-monitored environment.  This is a man that clearly loves his dog and yeah, dog person here, respects that immensely.





After parting ways with Kevin and Tarman, I continued to the pedestrian bridge, where for those who appreciate nature and particularly birds, always has something to offer.  Among species, I’ve seen plenty of osprey (during the season), tons of red-winged blackbirds and great blue herons.




If you haven’t been to Truxtun before, there are lots of trails to explore too.  In my opinion, it really is a gem, worthy of exploration.


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  1. Donna,
    Very nice to meet you the other day. Thanks so much for the kind words and great pictures of Tarman!

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