Navy says proposals from Naval Academy Golf Association and Anne Arundel County ‘no longer possible to consider’

The proposal by the Naval Academy Golf Association (NAGA) for a lease to build another golf course on Greenbury Point has died – at least for now.

Greenbury Point is on Naval Support Activity Annapolis property, a subordinate command to Naval District Washington (NDW).

“As of now, the Navy is not considering any sole source lease proposals for Greenbury Point” stated Ed Ziegler, NDW’s public affairs director. “We received competing proposals from Anne Arundel County and the Naval Academy Golf Association for a sole source lease and management of Greenbury Point, which makes it no longer possible to consider either party’s request. NSA Annapolis is currently evaluating the status and future of Greenbury Point in support of the mission of both the installation and the U.S. Naval Academy.”

“The missions of all the organizations involved in Greenbury Point was recently explored in an article published on this site.

The death blow seems to have been dealt by the proposal submitted by Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman to lease the same property – the county’s bid was not to build another golf course on the DOD-owned property but to leave it as a conservation area.


The County Executive had no comment, though his office was contacted and aware of this latest development.

Because NAGA’s proposal was for a sole source lease and Anne Arundel County put in a competitive proposal for the same property, the latter cancelled out both.

According to Jesse Iliff, executive director of the Severn River Association, “Severn River Association is encouraged by Mr. Ziegler’s statement on Greenbury Point, even though it does not foreclose the possibility of a golf course outright. It appears a competitive bidding process that invites substantial change to the natural area could still be in the offing. The fact that the golf course proposal was not summarily rejected at the outset is concerning. It seems to indicate a sense somewhere within the Navy that something must be done with the property, rather than simply leaving well enough alone and preserving it. We will continue to monitor the situation and see how the Naval Academy Golf Association responds, but we’re not going to hang up the ‘mission accomplished’ banner just yet.”

Joel Dunn, CEO and president of Chesapeake Conservancy, stated, “I am hopeful that this reflects a positive change of course for the Navy, but I know with absolute certainty that the community will continue to advocate strongly for the permanent conservation of Greenbury Point Conservation Area and for continued equitable public access until that outcome is achieved.”

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Donna L. Cole is an award-winning multimedia and investigative reporter.


Update (8/16/2022) – Josh Kurtz, Maryland executive director of Chesapeake Bay Foundation stated, “We’re encouraged by the Navy’s action Monday. Greenbury Point is a cherished green space in Annapolis and conserving it as a natural area helps improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay. We hope the Navy puts significant value on the numerous benefits the land’s hiking trails, meadows, and trees provide to the community and environment as they evaluate the status and future of the peninsula.”  

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