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The Killing of Bald Eagles on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

30 bald eagles have been killed on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in the last ten years, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a long history of these carbofuran poisonings on the Delmarva Peninsula, which have continued to happen long after the Environmental Protection Agency banned the toxic pesticide. Award-winning journalist Donna Cole, who has spent over three years on this story, explains the sordid history of these killings, why they’ve happened and what’s being done about it.  

One hour presentation with Q&A.

Upcoming talks about the bald eagle killings:

January 15 – Anne Arundel Bird Club Community Lecture Series

January 25 – Maryland Bird Symposium

September 14 – Talbot Bird Club

April 7, 2021 Freestate Fly Fishers Club of Annapolis/Maryland (virtual)

Rescheduled (TBA) – Kent County Bird Club


One Journalist, One Story and Over Three Years of Investigative Journalism

In the extensive history of bald eagle poisonings on the Delmarva Peninsula, no other reporter was able to answer who, what, when, why, where and how. This is how a reporter at a small AM station unveiled a mystery with a story that was seen around the world. This is about award-winning investigative journalism, greed and the killing of our national symbol. This is how finding sources, submitting multiple Freedom of Information Act requests, a lot of digging and determination all came together to help tell these stories – also how multiple forms of media were used. From start to finish, Cole tells the backstory of over four years of investigative journalism at work and the results of that work.

One hour presentation with Q&A.


On the Brink of Disaster

After a diagnosis of breast cancer and a 12+ hour surgery to remove and rebuild left permanent nerve damage, what comes next? Besides pain, anger, isolation and despair, a family of barred owls took over my backyard. With their help, a lot happened. This is a story about birds saving a human. And what that human did next.

One hour presentation with Q&A