The place is Matera and the man is Bond. James Bond

No plot spoilers here – other than a filming location I visited

The next James Bond movie, the 25th in the series, will be hitting the big screen in the not so distant future and there’s a city so magnificently beautiful to be featured in the film, you might want to know more about it. I was there in April.

Matera is in Southern Italy. While it’s not on everyone’s must-see list, I would definitely recommend seeing it. It’s unique, picturesque and as it should be, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What makes Matera so very special is how it was built into the hills – the domiciles themselves, called Sassi, are cave dwellings. For more detailed information about the city’s history and the Sassi, this article from Smithsonian Magazine is worth a read.

Here’s a short video I shot while in Matera –

Back in April, the residents of Matera and tour guides had already started talking about the filming slated to happen. They was a lot of excitement about it and word was Matera wouldn’t just be featured in the film, but would provide the backdrop for the opening sequence – in Bond films, that’s a big deal. Truth be told, we won’t know until we see the film.

Film crews are currently on site in Matera setting up (see gallery here). There have also been photos shared showing a truckload of yes, of course, Aston Martins. By the way, a James Bond Aston Martin was just sold at auction.

While Matera won’t be the only place featured in the upcoming Bond film, I thought you should know about it. If you’re a fan of birds, I recently shared another story about my bird experience in Italy – it includes a video inside one of the Sassi. Ciao for now.

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