U.S. Navy addresses concerns about Greenbury Point

Some in Annapolis have expressed concerns over the U.S. Navy’s plans for Greenbury Point and whether that will mean a new golf course or an extension of the existing golf course on currently undeveloped land.

The property, which is owned by the U.S. Navy, is a popular spot for walking, running, hiking and enjoying nature. Part of the property is occasionally used as a firearms range – when it is, it’s off limits to visitors.

“The Navy has received a proposal from the Naval Academy Golf Association to lease land at Greenbury Point with the intent of expanding the U.S. Naval Academy Golf Course on federal land onboard Naval Support Activity (NSA) Annapolis,” stated Ed Zeigler, director of public affairs for Naval District Washington. “The Installation has reviewed the proposed concept and forwarded it for further review. As always, the Navy is committed to being a responsible community partner. If the proposed concept moves through the review process, transparency, community involvement and input will be critical to meeting the needs of the Navy and the Annapolis community.”

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Donna L. Cole is an award-winning multimedia and investigative reporter.

Update (12/15/2023) – Legislation passed that effectively kills Naval Academy Golf Association’s hope for expanded/second golf course. More here – https://www.vanhollen.senate.gov/news/press-releases/van-hollen-cardin-sarbanes-secure-provisions-to-codify-public-access-to-greenbury-point-in-senate-passed-defense-bill

7 Replies to “U.S. Navy addresses concerns about Greenbury Point”

  1. No! This piece of land is both historically and environmentally significant. It would be a travesty to turn it into a golf course.

  2. Maybe if they bury the powerlines Historic Annapolis on East Street, Prince George Street a Maryland Avenue… And kept the walking trails along the water public, we might be able to agree but otherwise, it needs to stay preserved.

  3. Among other concerns, I am concerned about the high chemical use that golf courses require. That will result in chemical run-off into Whitehall Bay and the Severn River.

  4. It will be absolutely senseless to use this land as a golf course. All the runoff to maintain golf greens will run into the Chesapeake … pesticides, fertilizers, irrigation, ect. Also the environmental impact of removing the trees and habitats for all the birds and wildlife.
    This would be a a foolish mistake.

  5. From what I have read this land is the actual birthplace of Naval Aviation Excerpt from History/Navy/Mil:” …the camp at Greenbury Point included a field for landplane operations and a building that served as a hangar. However, the location was in proximity to the midshipmen rifle range, stray shots occasionally holing the aircraft and the firing practice schedule necessitating the cessation of operations on certain days of the week. Because of this, as well as placement of an emphasis on hydroaeroplane operations, Greenbury Point also included tent hangars placed along the river’s edge.”

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