Yes, It Was Sea Shepherd in Annapolis – Those Two Cutters Belong to Them

Sea Shepherd has officially claimed ownership of those two, former Coast Guard vessels that were docked in Annapolis over the winter.

While the Sea Shepherd flags were seen flying from the masts of the vessels, the organization did not confirm they owned them until this month.


Sea Shepherd is non-profit devoted to the protection and conservation of marine life.  They’re based in San Juan Island, Washington.

In the photo at the very top, the boat on the left is the former USCGC Block Island, which had quite a distinguished career and was homeported near Jacksonville, Fl.  Interestingly enough, this boat is no stranger to protection of marine life (see article –  It sold this past December for a bid of $175,300, according to the GSA auction website.  The purchaser was not confirmed on the site. At the time of sale, the boat was located in Baltimore.

On right, is the former USCGC Pea Island.  According to the GSA auction website, it sold in December for a bid of $275,800 and was also in Baltimore.  The cutter was homeported in Key West, Fl.

According to a release issued by Sea Shepherd, the two ships are now renamed the Jules Verne and the Farley Mowat and are berthed in Key West, Florida.

“These two ships, the Farley Mowat and the Jules Verne, give Sea Shepherd USA a combination of speed and long-range capabilities,” said Sea Shepherd Founder Captain Paul Watson. “We have already offered the Jules Verne to assist the rangers at Cocos Island National Park Marine Reserve with anti-poaching interventions, 300 miles off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, and the Farley Mowat has been offered to patrol the Sea of Cortez in partnership with the government of Mexico to protect the endangered vaquita.”

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